It is no secret that Sugar-Oh’s have been consistently providing the world with high-quality, delicious products since 1951. And several years ago, we thought to ourselves, “Why don’t we provide high-quality, delicious music to the world too?” And that’s exactly what we did! With the inception of SugarHope Records, the world can finally enjoy the simultaneous consumption of music AND sugar, just as nature intended.

We had a bright young talent on our writing staff who was such a jokester! Oh boy! She’d say things like “remember when you promised that you’d release my album 5 years ago? Any… any word on that?” or “I have some photos of you paying off a safety inspector at one of your factories in Guatemala.” And what do ya know, 3 months later and here we are releasing her debut album.

And what better opportunity to celebrate the 65th anniversary of Sugar-Oh’s than by sharing some of our greatest jingles and products from over the years on this very album!

Including the very first jingle, which aired November 17, 1951. And who could forget the hypnotic taste of Sugar Stuff, first gracing the world’s TV screens in 1986? And last but not least, refreshing SugarHope, our latest jingle written by Jude Perl herself! Needless to say Jude was ecstatic about this decision to interject these commercials onto her debut album, as are we!

So without further ado, I present to you ‘Jude Perl: Modern Times’. I haven’t personally had a chance to listen to this album, but my personal assistant has informed me that “parts of it are okay”.

Rick Gatorshwartz, CEO, SugarHope Records